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I've been planning for a year to purchase a new computer this year with my work bonus, assuming a) I get one and b) it's as big as it has been the last two years. This leaves me with a spare (ancient) computer, which I plan to gift to my nephew, who has developed an amusing Minecraft addiction. With that in mind, I just placed an order for a PC tower and cpu heatsink/fan to facilitate this transition. Combined with the swords and the mobile version of the game, Samuel is well taken care of this year. I got Aaron a Goldeneye 64 watch (gaming reference whaaat) I think he'll geek out over, so all I have left is Jonathan and Jessica. I suck at gifting, so I'm kind of flailing here. Generally we all give each other $20, so we end up getting nothing. Funny, but I'm ready to move on. So that's what's going to be on my mind for the next 10 days or so.

KJ, Sev, Ira, and Phil visited over the weekend. It was really, really fun. I'm an introvert with a hidden extrovert buried somewhere inside, so this kind of infrequent weekend is exactly what I needed.

First post in months (years?) to not be completely locked down, whaaaaat.

It's a dull knife.

Another year dead and gone. Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012. Crazy, crazy 2012. Just the election alone would make this a mad year, but we've also kind the apocalypse stuff to look forward to as well. Glee!

My reading count for 2011 is final at 9 books. Compared to the 39 of 2010, this is pretty abysmal. All I can say in my defense is that at least my count is higher than Nay's. :D

Plans for this year! They include:

  • Dessert project! One new dessert recipe each week. Was originally meant to be cookies only, but the inclusion of pudding can really only be a good thing.

  • She Wrote What? A reading challenge with Nay which will be chronicled over at Lady Business. Yet another opportunity for me to out-bookworm my partner. *diablical laughter*

And that's kind of it, I think. Gotta save plenty of time for Reddit, after all.

Happy new year, kids.


This is a test. This is only a test. If this were a real journal entry you'd be far more disinterested.



Do you believe in true love? What about love at first sight?

Love is something you do, not something you find. Or as the song goes, "If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with."

At least my bowels are happy.

Thus begins week three. This semester is filled with fun exciting projects that threaten to hold me down, slather honey all over my skin, and drop me into a den of bears. Bears! Either this week or next (Jenness has not released the order) I'm giving a 10 minute presentation on using "make" in the development toolchain. Don't worry, I'm not sure either. In early February my team turns in our Design Document for the e-commerce site. At the moment, we have the Database design down (I did that, so yay me) but nothing else. I'm not really worried about that, which in itself worries me because I don't know if I should be worried. Graphics 2 has jumped into the homework, so I need to be coding now. Ditto for Linear Algebra; we're still in the easy stuff, but that changed really quickly last time (which may be due to me missing half the classes last time. One hopes.). Programming languages is....Dr. Su. I'm also a wee bit behind on sitebuilding for Mom, which is made more embarrassing by the day because I was paid months ago.

I would love to take my tax rebate and just quit work for a month. I haven't not worked in...frikking ages, that's when. The last time I could focus just on school and not worry about work 5 days a week was 2000, 2001? When I was still a kid. o_0

I am my own pusher.

I re-read Preacher, filling in the gaps of what I'd missed eight years ago. For a book about killing God, the ending is sort of anticlimactic.

I suppose this is officially the end of me trying to post every day. Honestly my life doesn't include enough interesting things to fill a paragraph a day, and one-sentence posts are so 2001. I'll keep posting and whatnot when things happen, but as I said...not that often. :)

This-n-that, now-n-later.

My parents have hi-speed internet now, apparently. I had them check their speed at speakeasy.net/speedtest and apparently they get 4% the speed on satellite I'm getting through cable. They're saying it's better than the dial-up, but man; I thought it'd be way closer than that.

The first week of classes, and my sleeping schedule is already a wet mess.

I've installed Ubuntu onto my laptop, but it's having ACPI issues (I think), so that if I leave it alone for a length of time, or if I try to suspend and then resume, the screen outputs frozen or garbage, and the internal mouse and keyboard stop working. If I plug in a USB mouse, that works, but with no keyboard and sometimes no correct screen output, I have no choice but to hard kill the computer. Every reference to this problem I've found online has been solved by the OP later installing a newer version of the kernel or the OS, but since I have the latest versions of each, I doubt that's a useful option for me. I know Ubuntu is based on the unstable branch of Debian, so I tried downloading the stable branch and installing that into a new partition, but I could never get the installer to load very far past the boot stage. I really like the Gnome desktop, and I'd like to have a Linux box, but I switch between Hobo and Daniel Jackson enough that Hobo is bound to keep freezing, and that just won't do.

The cats will be out of food by tonight.

It's already getting more difficult.

If I don't post before work, I have to edit the date to keep up this daily thing. Gotta start remembering to post earlier.

First day of classes was nice.

Going baaaack, back in time!

Spoilers for GTA to follow. I'm probably a few months late in needing to bother writing that.

I finished GTA4 a few days ago, so now I can just race around blowing stuff up for fun and not have to worry about preserving cash or ammo. Not that I have much left; the last mission freaking killed me, over and over again. I ended up blowing like $50k on rockets before I got smart and created a save file with optimum ammo I could return to after failing a couple of times. Apparently I chose (?) the ending where Kate dies, which is y'know, sad and all that, but like Nay remarked..."You're supposed to care? You dated her like, twice." I think I'm paraphrasing. Next up: shooting 98 more pigeons. Whoo!

I've also started Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. It's my first Tactics game (and what, fourth FF game?) and it's pretty cool other than the fact that I don't know what I'm doing. I can't seem to find how to use potions or items, the camera angles seem to be actively mocking me, and each battle takes about half an hour. I'm the guy who gets bored with a battle after three minutes.

I suppose I could read the manual. But isn't that supposed to take the fun out of it or something?

Dunno if I should bother posting this.

IN a casual sense, I'm pro military. My brother is in the army, and he's getting paid to see the world, meet interesting people (and blow them up? hm. Actually referring to his battle buddies), he gets school benefits, etc. For a guy who was pretty directionless, that's a good offer, and I'm glad he took it. I also understand national defense is important, and I'm not so much of a hippie that I think the military is like, pointless, dude.


In an abstract way, I really think organized military, starting at terrorist cells and all the way to national armies should be completely and permanently disarmed. No guns, bullets, grenades, bombs, jets, tanks, microwave pain guns, nothing. I'd like a return to the days of when nations have ideological differences, they're settled with mind-bending violence, with sharp sticks and rocks. If a Palestinian thinks an Israeli soldier has no right to live, he should be forced to feel the man die, not just lob a grenade and move on. If one country wants to invade another, they have to hoof it the hundreds of miles and then try to take over with sheer numbers. The invaded country can still call on their allies, of course, which can arrive quickly via planes and boats and trucks, but fighting has to be done on foot. In person. Painfully.

War should not be so easy to do that an industry is made of it.

I'm okay with citizens having guns, both for self defense in their own homes and for personal fun. Contrary to what parents tell their children for years, guns are toys for adults. When I shoot them, I don't do it to become a better aim or to become more comfortable with the idea of using one to defend against an attacker. I use it for the little spike of adrenaline and endorphins, for the loud pop and seeing something develop a hole problem. I'm not dangerous with it, I am a responsible adult, but I'm not shooting it for any reason than childlike enjoyment.

I'm aware there is no system that can disarm entire armies, nor is there a way to prevent soldiers from taking their personal guns from home to the battlefront. Like I said, this is an abstract wish of mine.